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Comprehensive. Almost too much so. And a touch dryer than I would have preferred. Very well written (by which I mean well-structured and readable) so far (40percent in), and something i'd like in my library for future reference/framework purposes.

It does sting a bit, as an autodidact, to be written off in a footnote: "Michele is essentially an autodidact, and so not to be taken seriously."

I can't exactly damn the book on that basis, however.

Something i'm getting through a chapter or two at a time, with other things in between.
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I would like the brain weasels to shut up now please.
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Damn it.
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Trump. Trump? Trump?!

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Some days I wonder what i'm doing. Some days I wonder about the "I" that's doing the doing. Some days I wonder if there is an "I" to be doing the doing.

Some days I wish alternate universe me would show up with that punch in the face I'd deliver if I had the opportunity.

Some days are harder than others.

I persevere. More or less.
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Good news: I've done a tiny bit of writing recently.

Bad news: It's weird multiversal science fiction with large amounts of me-specific smut. Plot-centric smut. So the audience is...limited, to say the least.

Ah well. Given how little creative work I do, I'm going to call it a win.
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Beer makes everything feel less horrible. I paraphrase the great philosopher Nathan Ford: focus more on the functional, and less on the alcoholic.
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Subtitled Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain. I have located the limits of the post title field.

Blunt. Repetitive (to the point where I wonder if this is several articles stitched together). Dripping with sarcasm; he uses the same positive terminology to describe various Muslim leaders that the historians he is attempting to debunk do, while expounding on the horrifying details of historical 'reality'.

I put the last in as I'm not sure which side is right. The stories of peaceful coexistence sound very nice, but I'm aware of non-Muslim's dhimmi status at best, and the jizya taxes they were required to pay. He could be a lone voice of reason, or the equivalent of Graham Hancock.

It would be simpler, of course, if we could leave religion out of it. As always.


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Unexpectedly architecture heavy. Found myself googling quite a bit of terminology to have some idea what he was talking about. Also carried an undertone of 'up the Empire!' somehow. Nothing specific I could point to; maybe the selection of quotes?

I need to find some books on Indian history. And make time to read the Belisarius books again.

A good survey course, really. I want to dive deeper into several sections now, which is probably a good sign.
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I think I may be getting the hang of this soft-boiled egg thing.

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