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Good news: I've done a tiny bit of writing recently.

Bad news: It's weird multiversal science fiction with large amounts of me-specific smut. Plot-centric smut. So the audience is...limited, to say the least.

Ah well. Given how little creative work I do, I'm going to call it a win.
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Beer makes everything feel less horrible. I paraphrase the great philosopher Nathan Ford: focus more on the functional, and less on the alcoholic.
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Subtitled Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain. I have located the limits of the post title field.

Blunt. Repetitive (to the point where I wonder if this is several articles stitched together). Dripping with sarcasm; he uses the same positive terminology to describe various Muslim leaders that the historians he is attempting to debunk do, while expounding on the horrifying details of historical 'reality'.

I put the last in as I'm not sure which side is right. The stories of peaceful coexistence sound very nice, but I'm aware of non-Muslim's dhimmi status at best, and the jizya taxes they were required to pay. He could be a lone voice of reason, or the equivalent of Graham Hancock.

It would be simpler, of course, if we could leave religion out of it. As always.


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Unexpectedly architecture heavy. Found myself googling quite a bit of terminology to have some idea what he was talking about. Also carried an undertone of 'up the Empire!' somehow. Nothing specific I could point to; maybe the selection of quotes?

I need to find some books on Indian history. And make time to read the Belisarius books again.

A good survey course, really. I want to dive deeper into several sections now, which is probably a good sign.
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I think I may be getting the hang of this soft-boiled egg thing.

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Today (well, last week, actually, but i finished his book today) I learned that former Chess deity Garry Kasparov has been fighting the good fight against Vladimir Putin since there has been a Vladimir Putin to fight against. The book (Winter is Coming (he's a Game of Thrones fan, too)) was interesting in that horrifying way that books on modern Russia always seem to be.
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Happy Horny Werewolf Day, everybody.

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I'm doing that thing where I drink heavily and play symphony of the night instead of doing anything productive.

Which isn't good for my liver or my self-esteem but whatever.

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Another session as gm under my belt. It's (mostly) always (mostly) enjoyable, but I have to psyche myself up to actually do it, rather than cancel and hide at home.

I need to start putting more prepwork in, even if wveryone seems pleased with my off the cuff play.

Someday, I may feel comfortable enough to play with people I -haven't- known for 10+ years.

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From a footnote in Paul Strathern's _Death in Florence_: "Louis XI had ensured that his eldest daughter Anne of France became regent after his death, bestowing upon her what he regarded as the highest compliment by describing her as 'the least deranged woman in France'."

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