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I have complicated feelings about my first world cishet white guy problems.

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Sitrep: my back hurts, the government is controlled by people who's mindset i cannot understand, and i cannot afford enough alcohol to even temporarily fix either of these.

With the exception of money (alas, the most important) I have all of the privileges: straight, white, cishet, &c.

I am still worried. I cannot fathom what others must be going through.

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If this book is to be believed (and my knowledge of this era mostly dates back to high school), the Union victory is largely down to the good fortune of having the greatest president in American history in Lincoln and simultaneously, the greatest general on the continent in Grant.

This, despite having ing the manpower and tech advantages.

History. If it were a tv show, you'd write it off for being unbelievable.
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Comprehensive. Almost too much so. And a touch dryer than I would have preferred. Very well written (by which I mean well-structured and readable) so far (40percent in), and something i'd like in my library for future reference/framework purposes.

It does sting a bit, as an autodidact, to be written off in a footnote: "Michele is essentially an autodidact, and so not to be taken seriously."

I can't exactly damn the book on that basis, however.

Something i'm getting through a chapter or two at a time, with other things in between.
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I would like the brain weasels to shut up now please.
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Damn it.
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Trump. Trump? Trump?!

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Some days I wonder what i'm doing. Some days I wonder about the "I" that's doing the doing. Some days I wonder if there is an "I" to be doing the doing.

Some days I wish alternate universe me would show up with that punch in the face I'd deliver if I had the opportunity.

Some days are harder than others.

I persevere. More or less.
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Good news: I've done a tiny bit of writing recently.

Bad news: It's weird multiversal science fiction with large amounts of me-specific smut. Plot-centric smut. So the audience is...limited, to say the least.

Ah well. Given how little creative work I do, I'm going to call it a win.
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Beer makes everything feel less horrible. I paraphrase the great philosopher Nathan Ford: focus more on the functional, and less on the alcoholic.
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